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.CO now Available

This domain type is very popular alternative to .com and selling very fast, get yours now.

Popular .ASIA Domains

The must have Asia domain name for all Asia-Pacific individuals and businesses.

.EU is for Europe

This is the country code for European Union, get your site promoted in Europe.

.INFOrmation says it all

This domain name is popular for all websites, web portals, forums and information websites.


Global domain registry

.info Global $34.50
.xyz Global $10.80
.tv Global Tv $110.00
.tel Global $70.00
.org Global $34.50
.biz Global $34.50
.in India $8.50
.cc Cocos Is. $110.00
.mx Mexico $61.62
.im Isle of Man $21.60
.ws Samoa $30.00
.sx Sint Maarten $40.25 South Africa $12.00
.ru Russia $47.50
.de Germany $12.50
.eu Europe $55.00
.be Belgium $55.00
.it Italy $55.00
.at Austria $28.80
.fr France $14.40
.uk England $25.00 England $34.50 England $34.50
.nl Netherlands $14.40
.pl Poland $28.80